Monday, 20 December 2010

List of Thiller Sub-Genres & which inspires me at the moment and why.

Hybrid Genre- Thriller mixed with another Genre.

SUPERNATURAL THRILLER- Example (Signs), In which the film brings in an otherworldly element mixed with tension, suspense and plot twists
PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER- Example (The Shinning),areusually based on mind games, stalking, deathtraps, and obsessions
ACTION THRILLER- Example (Phone Booth), In which usually consists of car chases, active characters and explosions
POLITICAL THRILLER- Example (The Firm),  In which the hero/heroine must ensure the stability of the government that employs him
CRIME THRILLERS- Example (Hostage), are based on revenge and kidnappings

Psychological thrillers seems to inspire me the most out of all of the others. This is probably beacuse it really engages the audience and make them feel as if the experience is happening in their own lives. It also seems the most interesting to me and i guess it's easier to show ur ideas as its all about thoughts and tricking characters. The characters are also able to interact with eachother on a much more emotional and mental level which i feel often intriges the audience.

The clip is from the Shining from 1980 is a prime example of a Psychological Thriller. One specific part in the movie is when we as an audience are following the boy on the bike riding around the hotel corridor. The camera is positioned in a low angle at the back of the bike near to the floor this way we are directly following the boy.This creates  a little bit of tension of the strange atmosphere and we are also left in a vulnerable position as we are on the ground as we are looking up, this makes the audience feel on edge and makes us wonder what is going to happen next.

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