Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Video-Jaws Trailer

The camera work was used in two ways, the first way was that the camera was leveled with the water. This way the audience was able to feel as if they were in the water with the other characters. it protrayed a point of view shot on behalf of the audeince. Another camera work that was used was for the point of view of the shark were it was able to establish the legs of the characters.

False Plateau is used within this trailer it was able to lull the audince into a false sense of securty where we were engaging in the visceral effect as we throught that the shark was in the water as everyone was panicking. it turns out that there wasnt so the feeling of the visceral effect died down. Then at the end of the clip the 'REAL' shark appeared and vigioursoly attacked a man while ripping off his leg.

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