Thursday, 30 December 2010

List of thriller sub-genres and which ones inspire you at the moment


Thriller movies that have more than one genre in it are called hybrid thrillers. Some of the hybrid thrillers are:
  • Action thriller e.g momento
  • supernatural thriller e.g signs
  • murderous passion e.g fatal attractions
  • political thriller e.g. enemy of the state
  • psychological thriller e.g the shining
  • crime thriller e.g deja vu
The sub-genre that inspires me the most is psychological thrillers. This is because these sort of thrillers make you think more and they play with mystery and drama which creates intrigue for the audience and keeps them interested. Also, characters are more reliant on their minds and intellect rather than their physical ability which is different to the other thrillers, which again, creates intrgiue for the audience.

A film that uses psychological thriller as a sub-genre very well is 'Pyscho' by Alfred Hitchcock (1960) because it keeps the viewers in suspense while playing with their minds. Hitchcock used different techniques to create suspense and one of them was German expressionism. That is when lighting is used to represent a person. (Whether they are good or bad) Hitchcock used this well in the famous shower scene.

In this scene there is more light than darkness showing that she is seen to be the innocent character. The next scenes have more shadows and darker lighting foreshadowing that something bad is going to happen.

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