Saturday, 1 January 2011

List of Thriller sub-genres - which inspires you at the moment and why

Hybrid thrillers are thriller movies that contain another genre in it aside from thriller itself, some examples are:

  • Supernatural Thrillers - Example (Signs) - This usually includes films with an immortal or out of the world element, yet still ties in with suspense and twists within the plot
  • Psychological Thrillers - Example (Inception) - This usually includes films that are less to do with our surroundings and physical actions but, focus on the emotional or mind state a person or two conflicting characters are in 
  • Action Thriller - Example (Phone Booth) - This involves very high action scenes, involving chases, violence yet still with an era of suspense.
  • Political Thriller - Example (The Firm) - Usually filled with conflict, the government are either targeted or are hiding something, the hero/heroine usually has to solve this
  • Murderous Passions Thriller - Example (What Lies Beneath) - This involves murder (hence the title) however, it is usually because of affairs, jealousy, obsessions etc  
  • Crime Thriller - Example (Hostage) - This focuses on a particular crime present within the film or being solved, focuses more on the criminal and scenes that refer to the element of crime that are common are scenes usch as robberies, chases, murder etc. 
The sub-genre that has inspired me the most so far is psychological thrillers. This is because they are very realistic and using a genre as such is very easy when it comes to playing mind games with both characters and the audience. Furthermore it creates a relationship between the audience and the character as the audience are wheeled into the characters mind which is usually used to cause paranoia to another characters mental state. This inspires me because, it is a very basic but interesting way to cause suspense and play around with peoples feelings and mind. 

A film that is a Psychological Thriller is 'Inception' by Christopher Nolan (2010). The Psychological element within the film is through the element of dreams. This movie begins playing with characters mind by entering them into a wheel of dreams however, it eventually leaves the audience trying to figure out the same mystery and keep in tune with the characters.

Within this scene of Inception we see part of the town reflect in an awkward angle. Already this is playing with the mind of the audience because, this is not within reality as a matter of fact it is in a dream although we are unsure as to whether the character within the scene is in the dream or not, this again leaves the audience with confusion yet wheeling them in as they want to find out more. 

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