Saturday, 29 January 2011


In class we watched an advert of a omelette being made. The aim of this advert was to sell Lurpak which is the brand of butter. The idea of someone making an omelette sounds very boring however, it was turned into an advert so suspenseful and 'wierdly' kept me on edge to see whether it would fail or cook perfectly. During the first 9 seconds of the advert the lighting is very dark so the audience are wondering what the advert is about which immediately keeps us hooked. The backing track of the advert was quiet slow yet suspenseful and it almost sounds like a church choir, however there were a lot of bangs such as the opening of the fridge. The voice over in the advert is of a man with a very deep yet low voice which creates a lot of suspense and makes the audience want to listen to what he is saying, which is important because he is the narrator. What I really enjoyed about this was that there were a lot of close ups on the littlest things that we do not really pay attention to when we are cooking such as bread crumbs. There was even a bit of irony when the egg was being cracked because there is a high angle shot, which is quiet close up of the cracked bowl and I found it funny as the egg was about to be cracked. After however, when the egg is being mixed the camera zooms out and we no longer notice the bowl is cracked. I really liked this because, it has shown me that something so simple could be turned into something very interesting and suspenseful, and it has inspired me with an idea for our thriller piece to do something simple but turn it into something very suspenseful rather than sticking to something cliche.


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