Thursday, 20 January 2011

Lurpak sequence

I watched The Lurpak sequence in lesson and i found the ideas which were used in the short scene were imaginative. They used a boring idea of a ordinary guy making am omelette with Lurpak Butter.. But somehow transformed this and seemed to  create a visual attraction for something so simple. The music was rather tense and kept me remotely interested in what was going to happen. The close ups and extreme close ups were very impressive in capturing the detail of particular objects. The effort to make everything seem so engaging was beyond unreal. The part when the egg is hit against the edge of the bowl was my favourite part as it splashed forcefully. The use of slow motion made it more dramatic and intruding. The fact that everything that happened made the audience feel as if they were involved for instance, the fork mixing the egg yoke and the cheese being gratered. The amount of technique aspects used inspired me to make a good and exciting thriller.

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