Monday, 31 January 2011

'Something out of Nothing' Lurpak ad.

This advert had me amazed into how much thought was put into it.. After watching it it was difficult to believe that what i just saw was a man making a omlette!! This shows that anything can be made suspenseful. What helps this become suspenseful is the music that was used through the advert and the camera angles and places all in one to make the simple idea of making an omlette into a more complex, suspenseful way to make an omlette. For example, there is a point where we are in a narrow space and we are looking up to these bottles of milk and glass and they seem to be supersized, this shot was also used with a few eggs. The fact that these minor everyday objects are so big, we feel over powered it and straight away feel slight insecurity. This feeling is also caused by the spiritual like string music which is also played through the ad. Personally what inspired me for example was the close up on when the finger is tapping but the interesting part is how much that sound of the finger tapping is emphasised.. also the journey of the flame from the gas and the camera following the fork as it mixes the egg in the bowl. That and the slow motion makes the adience feel as if they are the ones making the omlette, its real purpose - to make you buy the butter to make the omlette.

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