Monday, 10 January 2011

Analysis of Thriller Clip in class

What Lies Beneath

In class, we all looked at different thriller clips. The one that stood out the most for me was from the film 'What Lies Beneath'.

This film sub-genre of What Lies Beneath is a supernatural thriller.

Right from the beginning of the clip when the title shows up, special effects are used to make it look as if there it water surrounding it. That already made me want to carry on watching, and also the sound that was used to introduce the title was very intriguing and it was already building up suspense for the rest of the clip. There is quite a long pause in the clip where there is just the music and a dark screen. This is building up even tension as you don't know what will come up out the screen next.

The first image of a person that you see isn't a human face, but not too shortly after a human face appears. The face we saw at first looked like a zombie of some sort. After we see the human face appear, we can see that the woman was trying to drown herself and couldn't do it. The heavy breathing and gasps for air give the impression that she was doing it to forget something not because she wanted to kill herself.

The camera is slowly zooming in on her as if something is coming to get her, but we soon see that nothing is there it was just used to build up more suspense. The next shot we see is of her picking up a blowdryer and then using it to clear the steam in her mirror. As a audience, we immediately assume that when she clears the mirror, someone will appear behind her but as we watch the rest of the scene, we see that noone does. They used this as a false plateau.

Her blowdryer stops working and as she checks the socket she gets a little shock and then it starts working again. I think that they did to to foreshadow that something is going to happen later on.

The end of clip is of the woman blowdrying her mirror. It is left on a cliffhanger and leaves the audience wanting to know what happens next.

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