Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Introduction to Cameras: SKILLS. - Bag Swap.

In the lesson, we were learning how to use and handle the camera that we were going to use to make out short film. We learnt the safety hazards when dealing with the camera and the rules about it.

The safety elements of dealing with the camera was:
  • Don't film in dangerous places - e.g near train tracks or traffic.
  • Don't film in bad conditions - e.g rain/snow.
  • After using the camera/when camera is not in use - close the lens cover - it is the most important part and also the most expensive.
The rules were:
  • Always return the camera on time as there are only 15 in the department and there will always be other classes that will need to film as well.
  • Film in places that are legal as if not, you will be disqualified.
The bag swap

As a task in class, in our groups we had to make a short 'practice' film of a bag swap. We first watched a bag swap from the film 'Collateral'.

We had to make sure that in our film we had at least 12 shots. This exercise was done to help us familarise ourselves with the camera, how to use it, who was going to act ect.

Below is the opening to 'Collateral' which has the bag swap in it.

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