Monday, 31 January 2011

what interests you about intertextuality ?

Intertextuality is a term used to describe the visual referencing between different fims. Now-a-days it's not abnormal for films to borrow certain 'scenes, camera angles or settings' from others. Most are easily recogniseable.

Personally, what interests me is the amount of films that I've seen and most use the same sounds, settings and even similiar camera work as other films. For example, in certain thrillers the audience already know 'what happens next'. Various films do this like 'Fatal attraction', 'What lies Beneath' and 'The stepfather' and they all have one thing in common, they all contain or have borrowed ideas from the famous shower scene from the old thriller 'Psycho'. By this I mean they all use the same mise en scene of the psycho shower scene for example the white tiles, white shower curtain, white bath tub, and they also use the exact same camera angles aswell. The most famous one is the birds eye vies one where the angle is looking down in the shower from the top. In thriller films the bathroom is usually a very victim based location as the victim is usually helpless in a bathroom. 

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