Monday, 31 January 2011

Introduction to camera: skills (part 2)

These are some of the things we learnt through the lesson about the camera and using it:

There are many rules applied to us students using the cameras. For example

.We cannot touch the lens in the camera mainly because our fingers will leave fingerprints and could end up showing on the footage once filmed. It is also the most expensive part of the camera so it needs to be treated carefully.

.We must bring the cameras back on time because there is a limited amount of cameras which need to be used by all media students including A2's. Students are either allowed to borrow a camera for one night or from a friday to first thing monday morning before first lesson. Thats how booked they are! Obviously bringing it back will affect other students and their progress so it's a must to avoid it.

.Must avoid getting the camera wet. IT IS NOT WATERPROOF!

.Checking the camera before giving it back or leaving the building is important because any default could happen and you could lose a lot of work so by avoiding that your work will be safe.

.Illegal mise en scene such as graffiti will not be allowed to be in the video and we will not be able to record in such places like rail way tracks etc..

.The equipment is very expensive so it is vital that we keep it safe.

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