Thursday, 27 January 2011

Preliminary exercise- Planning

As a preliminiary match cut exericse, we were given a brief which was to film the following sequence..Making sure to use at least one match cut, an example of shot/reverse shot and showing your understanding of the 180 degree rule.

This is where we had to plan our Prelim exercise to practice using Jelly babies. We had four main jelly babies that represented us as actors. We had a basic outline of a story line and  planned it out as a group. Our ideas came naturally and we were able to incorporate everyone's ideas effectively. We added suspenseful music from Sound Track Pro to just create more suspense and included one line of dialogue. We decided to do this as it was much more suspenseful is there wasn't a huge conversation in the scene.

                  ^My group filming our brief plan using jelly babies^

Take a quick look at our 26 second planning using Jelly babies!
Yellow (Demi)
Black (Elias)
Yellow covered in blood (Mariama
Orange (Sheri)

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