Sunday, 9 January 2011

An analysis of a title sequence which inspires you?

Arlington Road

1.The Distribution and Production companies for Arlington Road is, Gora/Samuelson Production

2.Information from that is given in the title sequence is mostly about the setting. Images of houses and buildings are shown quite allot. Inverted effects are used to initially create the creepy atmosphere that is projected again through the sound used. The name of the film' Arlington Road' is established as a street name, makes us believe that this is the main location. Many shots of people in the distance are shown and kids running around on the field. Everything seems to look disorientated as the camera slightly shakes why the tile sequence is happening. At about 1min 58 secs we get a close up of the word 'Emergancy' and are brought into a hospital with a close zoom of a guy. We then start to believe that something is horribly wrong.

3. Title sequence timeline:

  • 0:01- Film Entertainment
  • 0:07- In association with Lakeshore entertainment
  • 0:13- Gorai/ samueson production
  • 0:15- A mark Pellington film
  • 0:19- Actors are introduced
  • 0:28- Title of film
  • 0:33- Actor
  • 0:55- Casting is introduced
  • 1:00- Co-producers
  • 1:02- Music director
  • 1:12- Costume
  • 1:18- Editing
  • 1:30- Executive producer
  • 1:35- Production people names
  • 1:49- Director
  • 2:00- First actor introduced
4. The film title is shown 28 seconds into the title sequence which is at the beginning of the film.

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