Sunday, 16 January 2011

Detailed analysis of thriller clip analysed in class

vairous films fall under sub-genres withing the genre of 'Thrillers' itself. One of which is the supernatural/murderous passion film called (What Lies Beneath). In the opening scene
the sounds, camera, mise en scene, editing and title usually is a key way of giving us
(the audience) a good introduction as to what to prepare for..

Within the opening scene, suspense is highly emphasised which straight away gets the
audience on egde to find out more about what's happening in the film. The mixture
between eerie music and awkward noises straight away let the audience know that
they're about to watch a tenseful film which will most likely include a lot of jumpy

In the beginning of what lies beneath we slowly go through steam and end up at a shot
where we hear someone gasping for breath and it ends up being a woman which we see
by when she lifts her head up as if she had just woken up from a terrible nightmare.
The woman in this scene is blonde and as it is a murderous passion this could portray
future acts where this blonde really is in danger. This occured to me because of the slow
speed of the zooming in which emphasizes her expressions as she gasps for air. Also, as
a audience we've subconsciously adapted to the 'blonde-female-victim' in films so this
opening is very effecive as to showing who the victim will most likely end up being.

Furthermore, the fact that she is shown around water and some steamy affects and then
she is shown to attempt to dry her hair by using a blowdryer but then the shot of a fuse
popping is shown and it gives the acter an electric shock. This straight away symbolises
death as it's a well known fact that when you cross water with electricity, it will almost
definately end up leaving hazardous damage and may be fatal. So throughout the first
few minutes we are aware that this woman is targeted by death because of the relations
used by mise en scene, lyk the overflowing water and near death-by-drowning experience
and the electricity. The contrast shows danger is lurking around its victim and will be
throughout the film.

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