Monday, 31 January 2011

Livetype and sound skills

In class we have recently been learning how to use the 'livetype' and 'sound'. It is essential that we familiarise ourselves with using these systems as it will be useful for when we record our real thriller opening. When i used the 'Livetype' programme i was able to choose different lettterings and fonts to make an effective title for the credits on my thriller film. The experience was good and you could choose different effects on the wording such as shuffling, blossom, fadings and all sorts. you could even choose words to make shapes which was used in other thriller films

Simultaneously, we was introduced to the programme called soundtrack pro which i was able to create some backround hip/hop-action rhythm which worked effectively well with the bagswap. I also added a few  sound effects to create emphasism of the action happening. Where we ha a short period of time to do it aswell i was surprised it even came out lyk that, pride#.

After successfully finishing off, my group then started to editing the bagswap short film then added it to the sound track pro application. It then opened on the top right corner in a small screen and we simply just put the music in synchronisation with the film.


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