Tuesday, 11 January 2011

list of thriller sub-genres/what film inspired me and why?

Examples of couple thrillers:

.Action thriller (phonebooth)
.Supernatural thriller (what lies beneath)
.Murderous passion thriller
.Political thriller (the firm)
.Crime thriller (hostage)
.Psychological thriller (the shining)

Personally I think that psychological thrillers inspire me the most. This statement is all because of a short clip from a film called shining. I love the way these thrillers engage the audience making them feel as if they are living the experience themselves right in their living room. Psychological thrillers usually consist of things that relate to the mind for example leaving an open thought or mind games and tricking the mind/characters.

A good example of this is a film called 'The Shining' made in the
early 80's which is a great psychological thriller to watch.
within the movie there is a specific scene where the boy is driving
(pedalling) his trycicle along the corridors and the camera follows
his every move as if we (the audience) were in the film which is
engaging us to the film. The camera positioning also creates
tension because it is quite low and right behind him so we don't
have a clear vision of whats ahead. This keeps me on egde to
find out what we (me and the character) are going to encounter.

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