Saturday, 29 January 2011

Inspiring font titles

A font used in a film that really attracts me is Orphan. 
The font type is a Sans Serif font and, we know this because it is very informal. I have already seen the film and I must say it is quiet chilling and has the audience on edge. 

The font itself is in the colour red which is not used often because, some find it 'offensive' as it connotes blood. However it is used effectively in this film because, although it is not fully gory or bloody the red connotes anger, jealousy, hate and warning because, red is generally used to alert people. What I also like about this font is the way the letters are spelt, the correct way of spelling it is 'Orphan' rather than 'OrPHAN' this tells the audience that is in the handwriting of a child who may be an important character in the film hence there is a child on the front cover of the blu-ray. 
Furthermore the font seems to be written very harshly to emphasise their anger and the fact that they are an orphan. The informality of the text can symbolise the characters status as some people may refer to orphans as being quiet poor and less educated than others. 

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