Saturday, 22 January 2011

Introduction to cameras: SKILLS

Within lesson we were introduced to the camera we will be using to record the opening of our thriller film. 
We were aware of safety rules and hazards as well as what do in case of an emergency.

Safety rules and general rules:

  • In the case of an emergency call the media department and go straight home, even if it is with the camera. An example of an emergency as such is a fire, bombing or anything else threatening to life. 
  • Never expose the camera in the rain or to water. If required ask the technician for an umbrella used to protect the camera. 
  • Never do illegal actions or anything against the law when filming e.g vandalizing, graffiti etc
  • Never film in dangerous places such as railways or anywhere prohibited this could result in disqualification 
  • Close the camera lens after use as, it is the most important an expensive part of the camera
  • Always hand the camera in on time as there are only fifteen cameras within the department and many other groups will need to use them
We were also introduced to handling the camera from turning it on to changing the light intensity. Each of us took a turn in setting up the camera so that the group and media department were confident that we could use them. I learnt how to adjust the lighting according to the setting we are in. I also learnt that zooming in is not always a very good technique when using the camera, therefore we should only do it when necessary as well as ensuring that it has been focused.

The Bag Swap

Within lesson we watched a scene from the 'Collateral' of a bag swap. One of my favourite shots in this clip is when the man in the sunglasses (Tom Cruise) is walking towards the camera. It tells the audience the importance of his character furthermore, we can quickly judge his type of character through his attire and walk. The idea that he is wearing sunglasses and this is a crime thriller is very key because, sunglasses are a very important prop in terms of mise en scene within thrillers. The bag swap itself was very realistic however, the looks that were exchanged suggested that it may have not been an accident.

In order to become familiar with using the camera and, perform different shots with it we were given a brief which was to film a bag swap in a 'exciting and thrilling' way. Although the idea of a bag swap is not interesting it was our task to make it interesting, through shot types, camera angles and movement of the camera.  However, we had to have a minimum of 12 shots using POV shots, over the shoulder shots and a tracking shot in order to create tension. 

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