Saturday, 29 January 2011

'Watching' Documentary on Film Openings: RESEARCH

1. Thomas Sutcliffe says 'Films need to seduce their audience into long term commitment. While there are many types of seduction, the temptation to go for instant arousal is almost irresistable'. What he means by this is that you should slowly lure into a film and not jam punch peopel straight away. He believes that films need to 'make' you want to watch it and, he compares this to sexual seduction which is metaphorical for this.

2. Director Jean Jacques Beineix, argues that there is a risk of 'instant arousal' this is because if you start a film so strong you have the question of what to do next.

3. 'A good beginning must make the audience feel like it does not know nearly enough yet, and at the same time make sure that it doesn't know too little' this is so that something gives them reason to watch it yet not over doing it, because they may think it is a cliche. A film that does this greatly is The Stepfather it starts out very ordinary of a man getting ready for what we think is a normal day however, we see a dead child on the breakfast table which makes us think 'hold on soemthing is not right' giving us reason to watch more.

4. Stanley Kauffmann describes the classic opening, as an establishing shot of a New York building, thena close up of a window then, the receptionist office and the camera works its way into an office where we meet our first key character and that is usually where the first dialogue starts. This type of opening anticipates me to watch more because I personalyl think, 'A film cannot be so normal, what is his/her secret' and makes me want to watch more.

5. Kyle Cooper's title sequence of the film Seven is so effective because, it foreshadows what would happen and shows short characteristics of the film.

6. Orson Welles wanted the audience to automatically be plunged into his film so instead of putting the theme tune of Universal Studios whilst there logo was up he, added another sound track which caused an argument which he eventually won. Thr production company even wanted to put titles on it which he was angry about because he did not want that either.

7. There is a saying 'A favourite trick of Film Noir' the trick is that we see what we think is the end of the film in the beginning.

8. The film The Shining creates suspense in the opening title sequence because, there is a shot of a helicopter chasing a car which tells us that the person/people in the car is someones prey. Furhtermore the fact that they are the only car driving in an unknown country area the audience feel like they are going the wrong direction, 'ommens' and it is a no way out. 

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