Saturday, 29 January 2011

Font Analysis: RESEARCH

There are two types of fonts, Serif fonts and San Serif fonts. 

Serif Fonts - Such as Times and Georgia and Courier 
Serif fonts are generally more traditional and much more formal than San Serif fonts. A Serif is the extra detail at the end of each stroke of every letter. 

Sans Serif Fonts - Such as Arial and Comic Sans
San Serif fonts are usually much more informal, more modern and more 'friendly'

Font Analysis

 The font used on the cover of Pearl Harbour is Palatino. The title is in capital letters, Serif font and in bold. The characters on the DVD cover are in very formal clothes and the gesture done by the woman in the middle states importance and the idea of formality which, the font itself connotes as Serif is very formal and the idea of it being in bold and capitals states importance. Furthermore the text itself is very 'tall' and 'lengthy' this is an old fashioned thing to do in films which tells us that the film may be something to do with the past, also the idea of the letters being tall links to the plane as they are both very high. I personally do not like this font very much however, I think it tells us a little about the film.

The font used in the film Rocky is Franklin Gothic Heavy. The title is San Serif, in capital letters, big and bold. The idea of it being big and bold reflects the film as it is to do with boxing, the font seems to remind me of a big thud and it is squashed into the cover which somehow reminds me of a punch as someones fist is being squashed into your face. The font is not fancy or very detailed which tells us it is quiet informal, and it is quiet modern.

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