Monday, 3 January 2011

Detailed analysis of Thriller Clip analysed in class

A film that is under the sub-genre of a Supernatural Murderous Passion is 'What Lies Beneath' directed by Robert Zemeckis. 
The techniques and methods used within the camera, sound, mise en scene, editing and the title within a film opening, are a key way in which the audience can distinguish what kind of thriller or film they are watching. 

In the film 'What Lies Beneath' the sound we are open to is full of suspense which engages the audience from the start. Furthermore the fact that it includes a backing track filled with suspense and a mixture of awkward noises tells the audience that this film includes plenty of tension, and there could be some frightful moments in this film. 

We are slowly zoomed into a bath where we hear someone gasping for air, it is a woman and she finally lifts up her head, with an expression like she has recovered from a bad thought. As it is a woman gasping for air in a bath tub and the genre for the film is a supernatural murderous passion, this may foreshadow someone being drowned later on in the film. 
Throughout the clip of the film there are a lot of slow zooms and it is very slow in the beginning which help us capture the expressions of the woman in the bath. Furthermore the way the camera follows her throughout the scene tells us that she is one of the main characters and, may be the victim. 
As the camera slowly follows her with the strange sound in the background, she picks up a blow dryer and attempts to dry her hair however, a fuse pops and she has an electric shock. The mise en scene throughout this clip may symbolize death especially as the sub-genre is murderous passion. The bath and water may symbolize drowning, the blow dryer may in some way represent burning and the electric shock may represent some form death through electricity. This also frights the audience in a way that they will not know what to expect throughout the film. 

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