Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Art of the Title Sequence

This is one of the first sequences of a screen grab from the title sequence to 'THE INCREDIBLES'
I really like this beaucse it has a large amout of colour is therefore going to be memorable. This is a very clever poster as it introduces part of the actual team for example who the music was produced by then it has music notes floating around in that particular section. (2nd row, 1st box). This idea is again repeated through character design and the effects supervior. There are many mid close ups in the tile sequence which show different aspects of the film.

The Incredibles contact sheet

The next title sequence that captures my eye is 'ARLINGTON ROAD'
It basically shows images of the setting and what might actually be involved in the film. Creating the audience with having lots of questions and thoughts. Its shows a baby behind bars, tall fences, dogs and close up shots of the top of houses. This continuously creates suspense and anxiety to know what is happening. The name of the film is however quiet small and appears in the (3rd box, 1st row) alongside the name of the film on a road sign, which reinforces that it is taking place on this street.

Arlington Road contact sheet

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