Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Art of the Title Sequence - Quantum of Solace

The Quantum of Solace.

- The style of the titles are simple yet eye catching. The colour of the writing matches the colours of the background which makes it eye-catching. The writing is bold and is clean, which is perfect for a action film for James Bond. 

- The main title is the name of the film itself and the dark background with the light color of the text makes it stand out. All of the other titles are credits and all of the pictures used behind them are all very interesting. 

- The images used seems like a typical James Bond film. The girls because there is always a love interest in the film, the guns as Bond is part of the MI6 and so he is always dealing with the bad guys.

- The types of shot used - 

  • long shot of when he is standing on the sand
  • close up of his hand on the gun
  • medium shot of the bond and the gun with his face showing
- I like this title sequence because it just seems like a typical James Bond film and the colours and pictures are interesting.

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