Thursday, 27 January 2011

Livetype and Sound Skills

We learnt to use the 'Livetype' and 'Sound'. Firstly I started to practise using these systems to learn the main functions and purposes that will be essential in the making of our actual real thriller opening. First I used the 'Livetype' program practice how to use lettering to make an effective font for my thriller film opening credits. There were many different fonts to choose from with many effects and animation such as playing cards, flowers, dissolves and fades. It was a good way to experiment with font types and the way in which you can move letters about to form different shapes and styles of words. It makes your work look more creative and exciting especially for thriller films.

Afterwards I was introduced to the 'Sound' called Sound Track Pro, this is where we created the background music for the bag swap that we produced. I was practicing with different sounds and just listened to lots of beats, instrumentals and voice notes. Then i started to look for sounds that were full of tension and also suspenseful. It was very difficult to choose form so many sounds so it took quite a lot of time to go through as many as i could in the limited amount of time. I had to find the right sounds that fitted together to form a good suspenseful sound.

After this, my whole group to start editing the Bag Swap short film that we created. First we added the bag swap video to the 'Sound track pro application' system. It opened in a small screen on the programme so we could put the music  in sync with the film.

Here is where the toolbar to choose which type of sound we wanted in the opening. We choose some gun shot sounds with fast beating background to emphasise when i was running in the bag swap scene.------>

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