Saturday, 29 January 2011

Preliminary Match Cut exercise planning, storyboard/animatic & on shoot photos: PLANNING

As a preliminiary match cut exercise, we were given a brief which was to 'Film the following sequence, making sure to use at least one Match Cut, an example of shot/reverse shot and showing your understanding of the 180 Degree Rule (by not breaking it!).

Shooting the plan preliminary film using jelly babies
We had to encorporate the following, 'A character opens a door, walks into a room, sits down opposite another character and they share a few lines of dialogue'. For our plan we were asked to use jelly babies, my group and I all added our ideas and worked together as a team. We added a soundtrack to it using Sound Track Pro which was full of suspense and we also added a few lines of dialogue as asked which was recored separately. 

Below is images of us working on our preliminary task and the short planning film.

  This was the software we used to edit our scenes (Final Cut Pro)

Here is our 26 second planning using jelly babies :]

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