Saturday, 29 January 2011

Art of the title sequence

This is England

This Is England contact sheet

The font of the title 'This is England' is in a 'smudged' yet small font as a matter of fact all the titles are like this. The actual title of the film is placed over a wide shot of flats in England, I like this because it immediately tells the audience that the film is going to be based on the working class areas of England. From the look of the images I can see that this film is set in the 80's. The names of the producers and important people seem to be in a bigger font size than the title of their role in the film. This makes the audience aware of who they are and acknowledge them more. This title sequence mainly consists of mid-shots, close ups and wide shots. The mid-shots are mainly the group of people for example in the second box on the top row we see three men whereas, in the second row on the first box we have a close up of a man and woman making out, this may also suggest that they are being pointed out because in the 80's it was not socially desired especially because they look young, compared to the last box on the third row which is of two very formal people telling the audience that there may be conflict within this film. I like this sequence because, it looks very realistic which is something that British films are known for.

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