Thursday, 20 January 2011

Taking of Pelham 123 & Lake View Terrace

One of my favourite thrillers of was Taking of Pelhem 123. This is a supremely suspenseful thriller that was amazing to watch. It starred one of my favourite actors DENZEL WASHINGTON and JOHN TRAVOLTA. Its basically about the hijacking of a subway train a criminal mastermind behind this crazy plan who threatens to execute the trains passengers unless a large ransom is paid. Its full of exciting footage and is makes your heart race extra fast.

Another one of my favourite thrillers of is Lake View Terrace. A nerve shedding thriller anout a guy tho stalks a new couple who's moved into their dream home. The intensity is beyond shocking and he attempts to cause so much hassel. This is one of the features of thrillers to cause an uncertain setting with obsessed characters. I loved the story line and the lengths the cop went to, too ensure a nervous surrounding.

This has helped me and inspired me through the beginning of the Thriller unit. Take a quick look at the trailers... :)

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