Thursday, 10 February 2011

Film that inspire me: KISS THE GIRLS

I recently watched a film called Kiss The Girla (1997) which is directed by Gary Fleder and features well known actors such as Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd.
The movie is a crime and suspense thriller which is about a man Dr. Alex Cross who learns that his niece has been kidnapped by a ruthless serial killer who calls himself Casanova, and likes to leave his victims tied up to trees. His only lead lies in a doctor who escaped Casanova's lair - FILM JABBER

This film really inspired me as an idea for my group's opening thriller. i really liked the way it incorporated two different sub genres of thrillers and it came together really nicely. Although it is not mentioned on websites and reviews, i think this film is quiet psychological as women are being raped and the one lady who does escape, ends up hearing and seeing things for a while. Furthermore she is held in a mental hospital in order to recover her trauma. 
i mentioned this idea to my group and they seemed to like it, which is why we decided to do our opening based on a serial killer who is about to kill another woman, so the audience go on a journey finding how he meets women and manages to 'whirl' them into him and, eventually rape and kill them. As a group we managed to include each other's ideas and everyone made a great contribution.

Below is the trailer of Kiss The Girls, hope you enjoy :] 

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