Thursday, 3 February 2011

Untitled Preliminary: EVALUATION

This is our Preliminary film. We called it 'Untitled'.

Together we created an interesting preliminary storyline however, certain parts that were in our preliminary planning were not included in the final preliminary for health & safety reasons. We worked very well as a team however, we decided that when we do our shoot for our actual thriller opening, we need to be in a suitable area at a suitable time. This is because, whilst we were on shoot for our preliminary there were a lot of people in the corridor which meant we had to stop a lot. We learnt that as one of our shoots will be in a busy area Central London, it is important that we are aware of other people. 

The props and the performacne of our acting skills were really good. We tried to use as many camera transition as possible for example, shot reverse shots and match cuts to give it a really good finish. I think the idea and concept of the prelim was quite good and we showed it in the best way we knew how.

As the vampire/human i found it tricky keepin in the 'vampire' teeth (HA) as all the blood kept going into my mouth. The use of blood was to convey that i was the killer and so the auidence knew the direct link as to why Mariama had blood all over her neck.
The tesco bag was kind of used as a comical subsitution of something more dangerous.

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