Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Intertextual references

We decided to use the 'Supermarket' scene from THE STEPFATHER as a piece of intertextuality. This is beaucse this is seen as a routine to (the stepfather) in which he gets to meet women prefably blonde and eventually form a relationship with them with the motive set out to kill. This is a good idea beaucse we though it would create a lot of irony from the beinnging aswell as showing the mentality of our main character when he sets out for an average day. Instead of just sticking to one location we are going to se several so we dont exactly capture the same exact idea we just use it to help develop our own.

The second piece of intertexual reference we will use will be from THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123. In the openin there is an establishing shot of New York City. This is significant as it sets the location and further shows the busy lifestyle and how the story affects alot of people. We planned to do an establishing shot of London, capturing Some of London's tourists attractions.

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