Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Inspired openings- TAKING OF PELHAM 123 & STEPFATHER

Taking of pelham 123, i have previously blogged about before. The opening to this film is actually one of my favourites beacuse of the use of colour, the fast upbeat intensity and the use of sound. The movement from scene to scene happens rather quickly and adds more effect to the beginning of the film. We as a group decided to use the idea of a NARRATIVE OPENING where we would just get straight into the movie instead of having DULL credits and blank screens.The film openings stand out because the editing is so stylised.

The Stepfather also has an influence on the beginning of our movie. The sense of normality that he encouters makes the audience feel as if it is going to be a typical day, however something dramtic happens (seeing the dead bodies) this creates suspense and ease. The formality of him being neat and tidy creates a sensual idea of routine.Take a look at The Stepfather opening. We are going to re-create this though our opening sequence....(FIND OUT AT THE END)

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