Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Filming - First try

During this half term, we have filmed our 'first draft' of our thriller opening. The filming was not exact to our storyboard but the theme of it never changed. After watching back some of the clips we think we may need to change the shots right at the start.

At first we filmed at Elias's house as the first scene is him on his computer sending an email and then going to bed and then we went to go and film at Mariama's as she was the girl replying to the email. Filming these shots were not as easy as we thought as there were a lot of lighting issues as well problems with getting the perfect shot and keeping the 180 degree rule.

The next shots we did were at Southbank at the London Eye. It was hard to film here seeing as it was very packed and there wasn't a lot of space to film because there was always people walking in and out of our shots. We wanted to film here becuase it is a tourist area and it was supposed to look like Elias was just picking a girl at random and also it's nice scenery in the shot.

While filming we decided to make a video blog which we will upload soon!

After watching all of the clips on the Macs we will see what we need to redo and/or what we need to cut out and then we will go from there...

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