Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Evaluation question 2: How does your media product represent particular social groups.

Since our video consisted of a lot of influences from other films and other films clearly show different social groups no matter what type of film it is, our film shows different social groups as we show a stalker waiting to prey on his victim, and we also see a victim lose her life and innocence after stroker a flower and  'Rellik' sneaking up behind her.

Our film 'the cycle' also shows social groups who have a psychological disorder who have a passion for killing for example the man who is now being convicted for severing the bodies of 2 of his ex girlfriends and is believed to kill another 5 women. This is proof that we show real life social groups as most of the things you see in films apart from supernatural and sci-fi fiction films is inspired from real life events.


Also like a lot of situations in life a person seems normal with normal attributes and behaviour AT FIRST. Then you start to see the flaws and true colours and person and turns out they are the complete opposite of what they first seemed, for example we see Rellik walking with these filmings, smiling, talking, acting like everything's normal and next thing you know they're all DEAD. 

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