Tuesday, 5 April 2011


What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this products?

  • blogger - Through using blogger, I have learnt to write posts, upload images and embed videos. I have used it to show all of the research for thrillers and to note updates and changes for our thriller.

  • JVC digital cameras with memory cards. - Using these professional cameras have helped get the best shots and with the memory cards it makes it easier to upload to the computers. 

  • Macs - Before doing media, I wasn't too sure on how to use Macs and how the programs worked, but after using them, it has helped with the planning/editing of the film.

  • Final Cut Pro, Livetype, Soundtrack Pro, Quicktime, Handbrake. All of these programs have helped to edit and watch the FINAL film opening for "THE CYCLE". FCP to edit, Livetype for the titles, Soundtrack for the music, Quicktime to watch and handbrake to put the film to a mp4 so it an be uploaded to blogger for everyone to watch.

  • Flip cameras. - The flip cameras were good for getting the audience feedback and they were also quite easy to use as they were small and simple. 

  • Windows movie maker - I used Windows movie maker to make little clips of ideas of how the film would be. It helped to show others what the film would include..

  • phones to film - Using phones to film the audience feedback and make little video blogs. 

ALL of these technologies worked together because without 1, something would not have gone the way it should have. i.e. if you were to use final cut pro without a mac it would NOT have worked..

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