Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Evaluation question 4&5: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address you audience?

Media institution that might distribute our film and why?

Because we are using a low bugdet production company and candi studios we have to find some sort of advertising which will make the word abbout the film spread but not cost us alot of money or just away from mainstream all together.  Since advertisement plays a major role in the success of a product, we have this apply this to our ideas and make sure that we attract a good target audience. Obviously we are not expecting a film directed by steven spielberg but on the other hand we did have access to some good equipment and software which helped our opening look alrightttttt.!

We were thinking as a good way to publicise our opening we could upload the film onto Vimeo, Youtube,blogger, basically we wanted to release it virally because young people are spending most of their day on social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, PROFILE PIC etc LOL our target audience is mainly people my age and where i have more than a few friends on facebook i reckon i could get the opening a few hundred views in space of a few days. As producers we are willing to accept criticism from people because we're at that mature stage where we learn from our mistakes and move on.
This is what it would look like when you post your film on facebook :

youtube is already a worldwide website that people from other sides of the world can see your videos without you even publicising it to them as youtube has its own way of publicising its videos aswell.

This is where you would've caught me and all the other As and A2 students on tuesday lunchtime as we spent roughly 2 hours watching all of our thriller openings, some were funny, some were good, some were short, some where fresh, some didnt even make sense but i swear thats the whole point in openings, your not meant to give it away because that's what's keeping the audience there for another hour or 2.

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