Friday, 8 April 2011

Evaluation question 8: Looking back at the preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned from the progression from it to the full product?


What you're seeing below is the title for our preliminary film, it is exactly in the middle of a black screen with a faint red tint on the writing. This was created on Live Type by Cheri, as one of the first titles we made. At first we were more than satisfied with the title but then we eventually realised that the writing wasn't that readable. However the idea was to tilt it slightly to make the title very disorientated and may pass as connotations for the film.

Below this is the title for our Final thriller. It was downloaded it from a website called as a group we really liked the boldness of it and the fact that it stood out, It held some connotations of the film as we placed it next to the London eye that is a circular attraction. Referring to the name THE CYCLE that means rotation/circle.

Mise en scene

As this was our final film, we wanted to get the best locations involved, soooooooo we filmed at South bank for shots of the London Eye and shots of the Big Ben, here is where we spent most time filming and then at Elias' and Demi's houses to film the shots of me having a bad dream and then the 'helping with the shopping' shots. We also filmed the 'flashback' shots in a park near the college. The props we used were a flower, a map, fake blood,tesco bags etc. But below you can see some of the things we used as mise en scene down southbank, for example, the London Eye and Big ben but also the big crowds, the look-a-like haunted trees, the map which introduces me and demi, and the water/fence thing.


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