Tuesday, 5 April 2011

EVALUATION QUESTION 4 & 5- What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience?

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?How will you attract your audience

Our film the cycle is a low budget student video, therefore it is improtant we distribute it somewhere that fits our budget. Our film will be released via the in internet on websites such as youtube, vimeo, blogs, twitter, etc. It will also be posted onto social networking sites which are used by millions of people daily. It is very important that our final product is distributed in a way that attracts our target audience, who are mainly women between the age of elderly youth (20+) and middle aged women and some men, however in order to make our product successful it is important we use a large distribution company that can attract a variety of people.

An example of student work on the internet that has used the internet as a form of distribution. 
- This video is from pupils at Hurtwood House Performing Arts College, who are also on a low budget 
- These students used YouTube as a way of distributing their film watch is useful because, you can access YouTube from a wide range of sources such as PCs, Laptops, Phones, iPod's etc. Furthermore YouTube is free so more people are likely access the website. 
-YouTube is accessed by a variety of people for different purposes this is from young teens to lated 40s therefore you can attract a wider audience on YouTube, and thee students have taken advantage of this.
- As a result they received 269 views in three weeks 

FACEBOOK & Twitter!
Facebook and twitter are social networking site that are used by millions of people daily. Not only can you instant message friends and relatives but, you can also upload pictures and videos. This is a good way of attracting our audience because, viewers have the opportunity to like, comment and share the video. On Facebook if one person shares it then their hundreds of friends can also share it and so on. Furthermore once we see who has liked our video we will get a good understanding of who our target audience in particular are. Similarly it can be 'retweetd on twitter' and the more people mention the film title 'The Cycle' it will be able to be a worldwide trending topic that can last days.

Cinematic screening
As we are apart of an independent company, we cannot use large media companies to distribute our film however, we will have a shared cinematic screening amongst our media peers as well as a DVD release of 200 copies

Other forms of distribution and marketing

Vimeo a very professional website where you can upload your own made videos, and not last night's Eastenders. 

BBC Film Network help promote short
 films from British filmmakers which is what we are. 

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