Tuesday, 5 April 2011

EVALUATION QUESTION 7- What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

During my time researching, planning and filming i have learnt alot about different technologies from the process of constructing this product. 

  • Blogger- Write posts, embed videos, upload images. Used is to store all our research for thrillers. We were able to change post's accordingly, track changes and keep in touch with our group members. 
  • We used the JVC cameras to actually record our footage. They were professional cameras with high quality footage that enabled us to make our films look as nice as possible.
  • Final Cut Pro, Live type, Sound Track Pro, Quick Time, Handbreak were all used together in order to complete a really good film. 
  • I will now show a short animatic explaining my own journey through the maze of technology that i have encountered while filming, planning and researching,

The first video is a slide show with images and text about the technologies i have learnt. The second video is the same but instead of text i done a voice over.

My whole experience was extremely useful and i am now much more advanced on new technologies such as Live type, Final Cut Pro and Sound Track Pro. It has now equipped me into understanding how the film industry actually go about planning, researching and filming the final product.

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