Thursday, 24 March 2011

Adding and editing the soundtrack

As we had very little time left, we allocated Elias to produce our soundtrack as he has experience in creating music and he was very eager to create a backing track. 
We wanted something very suspenseful but at the same time something that was suitable and appropriate for our opening. We decided that dialogue was not to be added because, it was a dream/flashback and everything was going very fast so it would not make sense. However because it was a nightmare we recorded heavy breathing (which did not turn out great) and decided to change our mind and use one of the effects on Soundtrack Pro. 

Because the backing track was not as long as the opening clip we had to copy and paste the track again, as we played it back for what we thought would be the last time we realised there was an awkward noise in the background of a baby crying. We were VERY confused as to why this was happening because, we muted all recorded sound during video recording.. 
We realised that we had a hidden effect in our sound clip that needed to be removed and after 20minutes of stressing all we had to do was press the delete button.

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