Thursday, 3 March 2011

Brainstorm for new ideas for our Thriller

We as a group had finished filming our thriller scenes for our film. Looking back on our footage when we reached the editing process we felt that we could improve our film if we changed a few ideas slightly. However, we still wanted to keep the ideal story line of a serial killer who constantly goes after female victims. We decided to change the whole opening scene to 'Rellik' nightmare, they will consist of flashbacks of all the previous things he has done to women. They will appear in black and white alongside negative effects. Quick with lots of fades, dissolves and fast pace change of shots. We believe it will look so much better and still keep that element of thriller and suspense. The ending will be a cliffhanger where Rellik awakes from his sleep really disorientated and confused.


  • Close up of eyes flickering
  • Camera moving up the covers and close up of face
  • Face sweating
  • Flashback of the victims
  • Park scenes
  • Negative/ Black and white (for the dream)
  • Colour (for reality when 'Rellik' awakes)
  • 'The Cycle' will appear on the opening shot
  • Flowers Dead
  • Blood
  • Tilted shots to show state of mind
  • Arms
  • Head tosing and turning
  • Pale skin and bruises on female victims

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