Wednesday, 30 March 2011

EVALUATION QUESTION 2- How does your media product represent particular social groups?

We represent a stalker as one of the stills of character from  THE STEPFATHER he is similar to our charter RELLIK (Elias) from our movie THE CYCLE They are both characters who are on a mission to capture female victims and turn their lives into what is seemed to be 'tragic'. Both  these male characters are extremely normal when they approach these females and do not flirt to give anything away, they just have subtle conversations about normal things. This allows the audience to think that these character's are 'normal' and just want to have a friendly conversation with these female character's. The fact that the shot are from the females point of view shows us that they really think that the guy is being nice and just generally showing them some attention. The differences between the two character's is that in The Stepfather the man (David Harris) is out to kill these women after he marries them, just for the simple fact that he wants to invest there money and this cycle just continues when he succeeds. In The Cycle however, he just have a psychological disorder where he is addicted and passionate about meeting girls, going on dates  and killing them for his own personal pleasure.

One distinctive similarity that we wanted to convey was that both 'killers' take their victims to the same place all the time. For instance in The Stepfather he seems to meet them in supermarkets, preferably women who have two children. This can be seen at the beginning and at the end of the film. In The Cycle he takes his victims to the park for walks.

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