Wednesday, 30 March 2011

EVALUATION QUESTION 3- Who would be the audience for your media product?

Michelle, 22 years old enjoys outgoing and entertain activities. Shes a journalist for the magazine Vogue, she is very creative and loves learning new things. In her spare time she likes going to the cinema especially with her boyfriend who likes watching thrillers and action movies. She does enjoy the typical stereotypical shopping spree and loves the colour pink. In the future Michelle would like to work on the radio and appear on television shows interviewing famous people. She gets a real buzz out of the media industry and continuously tries to get as many opportunities as possible.She currently owns 67 DVDs and often has friends around on Friday Nights for 'Movie Night'. Her his main clothes shops H&M, Footlocker and Selfridges. 


I think this is the Target audience for our thriller because of the fact that the victims of the killer are all young females. This way it would attract more of a female audience than it would of males. Furthermore it is a psychological thriller so it has elements of feelings and this is usually associated with women as they primarily are the ones who always 'think'. It may appear to males in some cases for example the being where we have reality shots of Elias turning and tossing this can relate to men when they feel stressed from a long hard day at work.

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