Thursday, 24 March 2011

Changing the production company

Our beginning production company name was D.E.M.S we decided to call it this because it had all our initials and we wanted to seem like our film was made by an independent company, rather than something big such as 20th Century Fox which was not needed as our film is not a big Hollywood film. 

Furthermore by creating our own production company with all our names in it, showed how much of a team we are and, what better than D.E.M.S ? it's also easy to pronounce because it is short for Demi.
However, we were told that it was not very professional for a production company to be someones name and the idea of initials was slightly tacky, so we decided that it was better to use a producer called 'Mike Collins' and another title to be 'In Association with Safari Films and Broadway Ent' There was not anything significant about these names Sheri and Elias picked them randomly however, we really liked it. The idea of two production companies tells the audience that this film budget is not too much and it is made by an independent company rather than a large conglomerate.

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