Saturday, 12 March 2011

Filming - flashback scenes

After looking at the scenes we already did we decided to change some of our ideas in order to make our opening look better.

We took away our email scene as it didn't really flow as well as we had had hoped but we kept the concept of going to sleep and having a nightmare.

The shots of the london eye itself was a nice once so we decided to keep it but as for the other ones we are not sure as to if they will flow with the rest of our flashback scenes.

We wanted to make it look as if Rellik, our killer, had his own killing spot, which was a park that he took all his victims to. This is were the majority of the flashback scenes are.

We didn't want it to look like it was all the same place in the park so we had a variety of different shots to use:

In a tree
On a bench
Walking into the park etc.

We also made another video blog that will be up soon.

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