Wednesday, 30 March 2011

EVALUATION: 2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

                                                  'He loves Me, He loves Me Not'              'The Cycle'

My character within the opening is a victim, who is very weakvulnerable and fascinated by the littlest things. 

During our first lessons of research we watched a few thriller openings, in order for us to gain understanding of different thriller sub-genres. We watched the opening title sequence of 'He loves me he love me not'. Although the film is a romance thriller which is completely different to ours, the first character who we are introduced to is a female, who is in a flower shop smelling flowers and seems very fascinated and being very fascinated by such an object may impose that a person is very vulnerable.
I did not plan to behave in a way similar to the character in 'He loves me he loves me not' not however, on set we remembered the way she utilised the flower as a form of mise en scene, the way she would smile hard and sniff the flower to show interest. I then realised in order to portray a character who is very vulnerable and quite weak I had to use different types of body language and facial expressions, immediately I remembered the woman in the opening of 'He love me he loves me not' and her use of the flower as a form of mise en scene
The flower in my thriller opening is very crucial because in England it is one of the first flowers to grow during spring and, it is very common. The fact that my character was very intrigued by this tells us that she is not exactly normal, and I used my facial expressions to emphasis this. I constantly smiled and looked at the flower similar to the woman in 'He loves me he loves me not'. Because I was on my own it also emphasis the awkwardness. 

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