Thursday, 24 March 2011

How we actually IMPORTED and EXPORTED

As part of the final finishing touches and getting everything together into one sequence was rather complicated.
  • Once we made our sequence on FINAL CUT PRO
  • We had to IN and OUT it and the beginning and the end
  • We then opened up SOUNDTRACK PRO
  • We uploaded our sound track that we were inspired by a youtube video
  • We then had to IMPORT our Opening sequnece into SOUNDTRACK PRO
  • We then were able to move about the music to places were it seemed best while the clip was playing
  • We were then able to watch it on a SMALL SCREEN on SOUNDTRACK PRO
  • We then saved this as 'MUSIC'
  • Went back into FINAL CUT PRO
  • IMPORTED the 'MUSIC' file from our VIDEO DRIVE
  • MUTED all other sound that was in our previous opening sequence as we only wanted our NEW SOUNDTRACK to be heard
  • Then DRAGGED our SOUNDTRACK onto the tabs
  • F13 the screen to watch it bigger and it played with the title sequence
Thats how we in corporated our music track with our film footage, we noticed a couple of errors as while we played the movie we still could hear other noises so we had to keep rechecking that we had MUTED all the unreleveant background sounds

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