Thursday, 24 March 2011


Compared to other groups who were ranting at one another and, in constant disagreement my group and I worked very well together and never had an argument. 
We did not always have the same opinion or want the same things but we somehow managed to put everyones idea in. We were also able to express our talents, Elias for example has a passion for making music and we allowed him to take on this role, Sheri wanted to experiment with the fonts so we allowed her to do the titles. Me and Demi both thought it was important two people do the editing because, we would need advise, and to apply our knowledge of what we had learnt in previous lessons because, one of us was not enough. Although those were our main roles we all had a turn in doing different things. When I was free for example I would mess around with title fonts and, when Sheri or Elias were free they would do different things. We would always feedback to each other on what we had done and appreciated others input even if it was wrong or not needed. 

In terms of blogging we all did at least one blog each where everyone could tag themselves. 
Overall I would say that I enjoyed working with my group because, we were all aware of others opinions, when we were off task we would get back on task, we all sacrificed some of our precious time which resulted in a very good finishing piece. 

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