Tuesday, 29 March 2011

EVALUATION QUESTION 1- In what ways does your media product use, develop, or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Real media products usually consist of:
  • The establishing shot that we used was that of THE LONDON EYE
  • The Title sequence is usually in a specific order - We had the ident first and then the production company followed by the actors names and then introduced who the music was by, directors and producers
  • Setting a mood - the breathing right at the start shows that we want the attention of the audience right from the get go.
  • We can usually identify what the subgenre is or the genre of the thriller
  • Main characters are always shown during the first few minutes of a film.

An establishing shot of NY from 'Taking of Pelhem 123 was used to bring us into the setting and storyline itself. So we tried to show our skills of intertexuality through filming an establishing shot of LONDON, London eye a famous attraction. This helps sets the scene of our thriller and draws the audience into thinking that this film takes place in England. It introduces the film and makes the audience wonder about what will happen now.

The other piece of intertextuality that we used was a close up of just the face when Elias wakes up, just like in What Lies Beneath this can be seen when the female wakes up from under the water in shock. The audience then 'jump' as it was rather unexpected. This creates a dramatic response in the audience and they are therefore excited for the rest of the film. we showed our actors state of 'shock' when he awakes from his nightmare, puzzled and out of breath.

 From http://www.artofthetitle.com/ i found a title sequence that was quite similar to my own thriller film. I found 'BLUE VALENTINE' The shots look very much the same in the sense that the font is plain white, on backgrounds that are clear enough for the audience to read. The title of the movie comes in rather early on in the sequence and this follows the main conventions of the order of titles on an opening of a film. The shots are kind of similar as it is a male character with females in different locations, this may show that he is either up to something or just simply likes travelling. The heavy use of colour and contrast is very eye catching and makes it look like an interesting title sequence. There is also a vary of shots from close ups, establishing shots and long shots this is one of the skills i learnt during filming, more varied shots makes the opening look much more interesting and exciting as it suggests what the rest of the film will be like.
I made this title sequence by screen grabbing parts of my film while it played.
This is my thriller 'THE CYCLE' as you can see it looks quite similar and the titles are very simple and clear.

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