Friday, 25 March 2011

opinion on Thriller Opening

I actually feel that our thriller opening is quite suspensful and interesting. As soon as the film starts you can already hear Elias breathing heavily. While the 'candi studios' is showing. This will captivate the auidences ear as soon as it beginning, as we wanted to get there attention from the moment starts. As our opening is a series of flashbacks that Elias has, the flashblacks are in black and white with a soft edge background that will suggest it is a dream. The opening has many transparent scenes to show uncertainity and distortment of Elias frame of mind. We kind of want the auidence to be confused so that they will remain interested and intridgued. The opening shows reality shots aswell so you can see Elias movement while he sleeps. (Tosing and turning). I really like our opening. We will now wait on feedback from students and teachers.

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