Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Lessons Learnt: EDITING

From this coursework I have been introduced to new softwares, one being Final Cut which is an editing program that features different techniques to create your own film such as effects, cuts, zoom ins etc. 
As a group we were all new to Final Cut, however after the first lesson of basic tutorials we managed to understand it much more. As a matter of fact it was editing that made us realise our faults in filming. 

Steps to editing: 

- We arranged the clips according to chronological order  
- We then cut out shots we did not need/want 
- To distinguish between reality and the flashbacks we put the flashbacks in black and white
- We then began to put in 'fade in's' and 'fade out's' 
- After looking at the whole clip we decided that there was not enough 'umph' so we adde in more effects however, they were suitable to the situation. 


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